BLACK GOLD | Soul Sister Strut and BBQ

01-06-2019 13:00 - 20:00
Address: Lustgarten, Am Lustgarten 1, 10178 Berlin, Deutschland

It’s time for our 2019 Soul Sister Strut! The theme is BLACK GOLD – We want to see your beautiful skin shining in GOLD! Accessories, paint, clothes… whatever makes your skin pop!

**This year the strut is open to all Black people and the BBQ is open to any allies that wish to join us! **

We will meet at Lustgarten at 13:00 and strut together to Volkspark Friedrichshain for a community BBQ around 14:30.

About Soul Sister Strut: Walking in Berlin as a Black womxn can often evoke strong, unwarranted reactions from strangers that can create a sense of fear and anxiety in many of us, but by walking together in styles that make us feel bold and powerful, we celebrate and empower one another. By asserting our presence in public space, we reclaim our personal power. Soul Sister Strut began in 2015 as a result of an unofficial ‘strut’ which occurred in late 2014. Since then Soul Sisters has hosted a strut each year for Black womxn in Berlin. In 2016, the annual strut took place in Brandenburg. This year for strut #5 we are happy to open the strut to all Black people in and around Berlin.

Why we walk: We walk for all those who’ve walked before us. We walk as a declaration of self-care. We walk for love, joy, friendship and empowerment.


Soul Sisters Berlin is a Berlin-based collective of international Black womxn* who are interested in the decolonization and empowerment of Black consciousness. Soul Sisters Berlin welcomes Black womxn who are trans, non-binary, cis, lesbian, femme, & queer identifying.
Online we provide a space for Black womxn* to connect, network, share resources, and engage in discussion on various topics relating to our lives and experiences as Black womxn*. In physical space, we organize retreats, workshops, meet-ups, anti-racist and feminist protests, community discussions, picnics, performances, screenings, hair and makeup tutorials, as well as, art and self-care nights. Recognizing the impact of sexism and racism on our social realities and self-understanding, Soul Sisters is grounded in a global Black feminist political outlook. We support movements and causes that address the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and class. We are explicitly focused on empowerment, education, and exchange. Our most effective political strategy is connecting Black womxn* and encouraging the endless possibilities that ensue when Black womxn* unite!