BLM Month 2021

Black Lives Matter Berlin will again host and collaborate with existing Black groups/organizations/people for Black Lives Matter Month this June to connect, organize collective resistance, celebrate intersectional Black culture, as well as empower Black folks and provide safe spaces of expression. Black Lives Matter Month will take place from June 1st to June 30th, followed by the Black Lives Matter Protest on July 2nd 2021.

Before this Corona Pandemic the BLM Month had consisted of film screenings, round tables, poetry events, city tours, parties, concerts, workshops and empowerment sessions on various topics. The BLM Month this year will be no different, other than that all events will be hosted and facilitated online.

The month will largely follow ‘For us by Us’ format. We as BLMB will write and make available digital safety resources documents for best practices ensuring the safety and self-care of all Black People in accordance with our community standards.

The BLM Month calendar shows events organized by BLMB as well as by many other Black organizers.

Find an overview of all events here!

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