Black Lives Matter Berlin Protest 2021

SAVE THE DATE – July 2, 2021, 3:30 p.m. – Pariser Platz (Brandenburg Gate)For many, Black Lives Matter remains a one-time sensation from 2020. But we all know, Black people have been fighting for their recognition, dignity and their rights for decades, in Germany and all over the world. Every year since 2016, Black Lives […]

BLM Month 2021

Black Lives Matter Berlin will again host and collaborate with existing Black groups/organizations/people for Black Lives Matter Month this June to connect, organize collective resistance, celebrate intersectional Black culture, as well as empower Black folks and provide safe spaces of expression. Black Lives Matter Month will take place from June 1st to June 30th, followed […]

Black Folks – Demo Guidelines

The following list of best practices is meant to keep people safe at a protest or ‘demo’. Use this information to make informed decisions before, during, and afterwards about physical and digital safety. We need to remain vigilant about both. Physical Safety Before the Demo Research the organizers to know which groups and individuals are […]

Things To Consider If You Are Joining A Demo As A Non-Black Person

Instructions for non-Black people at BLM Protests  German, B/C/M/S, French Versions page 2-4 DO  LISTEN. And follow the directions of those leading the demonstration. They will make clear what the goal is for the demo and expectations for allies. BE HELPFUL. Hand out water, snacks, and protective gear. Make sure protest leaders are hydrated, fed, […]

Offizielles Statement zu den vergangenen und angekündigten Demos

Wie im Mai angekündigt, zog sich Black Lives Matter Berlin (BLMB) in Übereinstimmung mit medizinischen Fachleuten bezüglich COVID-19 von allen Präsenzveranstaltungen zurück. Unsere Kapazitäten fließen in die Unterstützung lokaler Organisationen wie International Women* Space und Women in Exile, in die langfristige Vernetzung und Zusammenarbeit mit der Schwarzen Community in Berlin und Deutschland, und in die […]

SUPPORT Protesters in the US NOW!

*The following organizations are vetted to our best ability. This list contains only those people/groups/organizations that have international payment options. Groups that have enough funding are noted in Notes. We suggest donating to Black-led initiatives first! The list is not final, if you find any links not working or have additions to the list, please […]

Stellungnahme zu rassistischer Polizeigewalt – 06.06.2020

English version below | Bei den Berliner Protesten am vergangenen Samstag anlässlich des Mordes an George Floyd durch weiße Polizisten in den USA, rief uns die deutsche Polizei eindrücklich in Erinnerung, dass auch hierzulande rassistische Polizeigewalt zum Alltag gehört. Die vielen antirassistischen Demonstrationen des letzten Samstags hatten zum Ziel, die Aufmerksamkeit auch auf den Rassismus […]

#GeorgeFloyd and Actionable

Support now! & our response to those who’ve reached out: +++ Deutsche Übersetzung unten +++ Black Family, many of us need to mourn, many of us are angry, many of us feel the need to do something, please reach out to us and let us know what you need. We canceled the BLM March in […]

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