Instructions for non-Black people at BLM Protests


  1. LISTEN. And follow the directions of those leading the demonstration. They will make clear what the goal is for the demo and expectations for allies.
  1. BE HELPFUL. Hand out water, snacks, and protective gear. Make sure protest leaders are hydrated, fed, and protected.
  1. STAY IN THE BACK AND ON EDGES UNTIL YOU ARE CALLED FORWARD. Be prepared to physically come between Black protesters and the police for protection if necessary. If you hear “White people to the front” or “Allies to the front” step forward and link arms with other white people to form a protective barrier.
  1. SILENCE AT THE FRONT. Remember you are there as an ally and to support. At a BLM Demo the only voices should be Black voices.
  1. LEGAL SUPPORT. Don’t go to a protest alone, always try to go in a group or with a buddy. Write your two emergency numbers on your arm. These should be to the  Ermittlungsausschuss (legal aid) (EA) (030/692 2222), Notdienst der Strafverteidiger/innen (Public Defender) (0172 325 55 53) If you or a friend is detained contact the EA or Notdienst der Strafverteidiger/innen with their name and contact details.
  1. FILM POLICE VIOLENCE. Film details that give a context to the situation, number of police, number plates of Police vans, ID numbers of officers.

REMAIN CALM AT ALL TIMES. This is difficult. You will be emotional and your system will be flooded with adrenaline. Remember this is life and death for the protestors.


  1. INITIATE or lead chants and calls. Follow calls and add your voice only when called for.
  1. AGITATE, VANDALIZE PROPERTY, OR ANTAGONIZE. Doing so not only puts yourself at risk but the Black protesters around you.
  1. TAKE SELFIES OR PHOTOGRAPH FACES (especially without consent). The police and white nationalists monitor social media to identify and target protesters.
  1. LIVESTREAM. This could put protesters in danger if they are easily identifiable.
  1. SHARE PHOTOS/VIDEO of police violence on social media. Give the evidence to the Demo organizers and KOP ( They know what to do with it.

This is not a game. Joining a protest is a serious decision. Make sure you are there for the right reason. Performative activism helps no one. Support the safety of Black protestors at all times.

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