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*The following organizations are vetted to our best ability. This list contains only those people/groups/organizations that have international payment options. Groups that have enough funding are noted in Notes. We suggest donating to Black-led initiatives first! The list is not final, if you find any links not working or have additions to the list, please let us know via

OrganisationSTATEled by?CategoryInternational payments NOTE
Minnesota Healing Justice NetworkMNBIack, PoCcommunity & mutual aid support
for wellness and healing justice practitioners
Cities Care CollectiveMNBIack, POC + white members of the LGBTQ+ communitychildcareGoFundMe, Credit Card, Debit Card
Arkansas Freedom Fund/Little Rock Freedom FundARBlackbail outs + suppliesNo
Tucson Second Chance Community Bail FundAZBlackbail outsPayPal
Anti Police-Terror ProjectCABlackpolice abolitionPayPal
Peoples ProgramsCABlackPayPalMoney not used for bail will go to People's Breakfast Oakland
San Diego - DeDe McClure Community Bail FundCABlackbail outsGoFundMefound a mention on:
People's Breakfast OaklandCABlackbail assist, resources for the houselessPayPal
BLM Denver Bail FundCOBlackbailouts and community buildingGoFundMe, PayPal
Colorado Freedom FundCOBlackbail outsFundly
East of the River Mutual Aid FundDCBlackCovid 19 AidGoFundMe, Credit Cardmoney goes to Black Lives Matter DC
In Memory of Tony McDadeFLBlackMemorialGoFundMe, Credit Card, Debit Card
Atlanta - Sister SongGABlackReproductive rights, abortionPayPalIndigenous and Black women for reproductive rights
I Run With MaudGABlackFinancial assistance for family and moreGoFundMe, Credit Card, Debit CardJustice for Ahmaud Arbery
Atlanta Metro Mutual Aid FundGABlackmutual aidPayPalAlso encouraging funds through Organization for Human Rights and Democracy
Let Us Breath CollectiveILBlackarts, healing, and social organizingPayPal
Detroit Justice CenterMIBlackeconomic opportunities and transforming the justice system (also through bailouts, but not exclusively)Credit CardFocus is not solely on bailouts
Detroit's Bail FundMIBlackBail outsCredit Card, Debit Card, GoFundMeAs of 6/01 has enough support
Black Visions Collective
MNBlackCredit Card
Official George Floyd Memorial Fund
MNBlackMemorialGoFundMe, Credit Card, Debit Card
Reclaim the BlockMNBlackpolice abolitionPayPalasks that you support others from their list
Black Table ArtsMNBlackartPayPalDonation button on website, accept credit cards and paypal
Black Women SpeakMNBlackcommunity organization and healing for Black womxnPayPalWebsite currently unavailable
Pimento Relief FundMNBlackBusiness support after white
supremacists set them on fire
during the protests
One Struggle KCMOBlackbail outCredit Card
Mississippi Bail Fund CollectiveMSBlackbail outPayPal
Free Black MamasnationwideBlackfreeing incarcerated Black mothersPayPalNational Bail Out Member
UndocuBlack NetworkNYBlackundocumented Black migrant advocacyCredit Card
BLM ClevelandOHBlackBail outs, organisation supportPayPal
Columbus Freedom FundOHBlackbail outsPayPal
Toledo - Community Solidarity Response Network CommunityOHBlackbail outs, legal advice, know your rights trainingsPayPal
BLM OklahomaOKBlackbail outs, legal fundPayPal
Abolitionist Law CenterPABlackprison abolitionNo
Philly Real JusticePABlackprison abolitionPayPal
Austin - 400+1 Bail FundTXBlackbail outCredit Card
BLM HoustonTXBlackBLM chapterPayPal
Rest in Peace Aaron James "AJ" SuttonVABlackfuneral fundsCredit Card, GoFundMegoal reached, still accepting donations
Life Builders United (fiscal sponsorship from Uprising Theater)ILBlack - Geraldine Smithcare for children whose mothers are incarcerated // community outreach in Englewood // community garden projectPayPalany donations made with the note Life Builders United - every dollar will go directly to life builders united
GoodKids MadCITYILBlack and Brown folxyouth, political, resourcesNo
BALT - Baltimore Action Legal TeamMDBlack and white, mostly womenbail outsCredit Cardfounded and run by lawyers
Du Nord Riot Recovery FundMNBlack business owner, private personBlack and Brown businesses support and property repairGoFundMe, Credit Card, Debit Card,
Housing Justice League of AtlantaGABlack led, multiracialhousing justiceCredit Card
Nashville Community Bail FundTNBlack led, multiracial boardbail outsCredit Card, PayPal
Twin Cities Recovery Project
MNBlack majority + staff & board memberssupport for addiction & mental
Credit Card, GoFundMeCurrently, there are two campaigns on gofundme
SisTers PGHPABlack trans women and other trans WOCPayPalgofundme LGBTQIA COVID-19 Relief Fund:
The Okra ProjectNYBlack trans* womxnhome cooked food, covid aid, mental health fund for Black trans* peoplePayPal
NC Community Bail Fund of DurhamNCBlack womanbail fundPayPalpaypal through their website
New Orleans Safety and Freedom FundLABlack Womenbail outsCredit CardFocus is on helping incarcerated women. Run by a group called Operation Restoration whose founder Syrita Steib was herself formerly incarcerated
Assata's DaughtersILBlack Womxnpolitical education, leadership development, mentorship rooted in Black radical traditionsCredit Card
Black Immigrant Collective
MNBlack, immigrantsmutual aid support, deportation & detention defense, legal supportPayPal
Al Maa'uunMNBlack, muslim, led by Imam Makram El-Aminfood, groceries, critical supplies and medicineCredit Card, Debit CardLaunchgood campaign ends June 14, 2020.
Disability Justice Mutual Aid FundNYBlack, organized by @sheabutterfemme on Twittermutual aidPayPalmutual aid for disabled protesters fighting for Black liberation, short-term fund, ends June 16th 2020
Women for Political ChangeMNBlack, PoC investing in the leadership &
political power of young
women, trans & non-binary individuals
Credit CardCurrently, there are two gofundme campaigns by an individuals
in support of women for political change. Don't know how trustworthy
they are!
Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en LuchaMNBlack, PoC and immigrant workersworker organizationPayPal, Credit Card payment is through Facebook
3WallILBlack, POC, People with DisabilitiesartsPayPal
Femme Empowerment ProjectMNBlack, QTI BPOC femmescommunity organization, and medical trainingNo
Molasses ChicagoILBlack, Queer, Trans WomanNo
IsuroonMNBlack, Somali, East-Africancommunity support and empowerment for Somali women and girlsCredit Card, PayPal ,
Silicon Valley DSACABlack, whiteTemporary Bail FundCredit Card, Plaidin collaboration with;
Florida Justice CenterFLBlack, whiteBail, legal defense, reentry and supportCredit Card, Bank Transfer
Freedom FundFLBlack, whitebail outsCredit Card, PayPalLGBTQIA+
Traffick FreeILFounder is Asian, Staff is POClabor and sex trafficking safe houseCredit Card
May 28 NYC Bail OutNYFree Them All for Public Healthbail outsNono longer accepting donations / associated w/ Free Them All for Public Health
Pittsburgh Bail FundPAincarcerated men serving life sentencesbail outsCredit Card, GoFundMe
Rebuild Migizi!
MNIndigenous + mixedFinancing to rebuildPayPalBurned down in the protest
Latino Community on Lake StreetMNLatinxfunds for Latinx owned businessesGoFundMe, Credit Card, Debit Cardno website but contact person on gofundme donation page
Connecticut Bail FundCTLatinx, whitebail outsNoAlso run several other intersectional organisations
Trans Emergency Release FundNYLGBT, race unclearbail outsCredit Card, Apple Payspecifically for bailing out trans people
National Lawyers Guild of Los AngelesCAmultiraciallegal fundsPayPal
Alachua County COVID-19 Bond FundFLmultiracialbail outsCredit Card, Bank Transferare covering gainesville as well as tallahassee protesters
Atlanta Solidarity FundGAmultiracialjail support & bailCredit CardAction Community Network may take 3.4% of proceeds for internal expenses; only direct link I could find to Atlanta Fund
Hawai'i Community Bail FundHImultiracialbail outsCredit Card, Plaidproject by:
Northside business supportMNmultiracialBusiness supportNo
PPNA - Renters Support FundMNmultiracialrent supportPayPal
Brooklyn Community Bail FundNYmultiracialbail outsCredit Cardneeds met for demonstration bail
Bed Stuy StrongNYmultiracialmutual aidPayPal
Portland Freedom FundORmultiracialbail outs, prison abolition PayPal, GoFundMeFor BPoC only, they also have an additional donation site with instruction for use on their FB page:
Bukit Bail Fund of PittsburghPAmultiracialbail outs, prison abolitionCredit CardBukit and Jailbreak are working together
Philly Bail FundPAmultiracialBail outs, prison reformationPayPal, Credit Card, Plaid
Pittsburgh - Jailbreak - Aftercare Jail SupportPAmultiracialbail outs, jail support, rides home, etcCredit Card, GoFundMeBukit and Jailbreak are working together
FANG Community Bail FundRImultiracialbail outs, esp in COVID pandemic; actually an anti-fracking organizationCredit Card, GoFundMeAnd Massachusetts
Mid-South Peace and Justice Center - Community Bail FundTNmultiracialbail fund/local BLM chapterCredit Card, PayPal
Restoring Justice - HoustonTXmultiracialbail outs, general fundCredit Card, Debit Card
Support Protestors Arrested by SLCPDUTmultiracialbail fundCredit Card, GoFundMegoal reached, still accepting donations
Free the 350 Bail FundWImultiracialbail outsPayPal
Abolition Action Group's Grocery FundNYmultiracialmutual aidPayPal08/06 Temporary Paypal freeze, currently setting up new account
IMAN (Inner City Muslim Action Network)GAMuslim Majority POCCredit Card
IMAN (Inner City Muslim Action Network)ILMuslim Majority POCCredit Card
Luke 4:18 Bail Fund
TXmultiracialbail fundCredit Card
Division of Indian WorkMNNative-Americanworker organizationCredit Card ,
Little Earth Residents Association
MNNative-Americanfood & safety needs for residentsCredit Card, Debit Card, PayPal
Migizi CommunicationsMNNative-Americanrebuilding of sacred community spaceGoFundMe, PayPal, Credit CardDonation button ('MIGIZI Direct') on website does not accept payments from outside the U.S. & Canada. Alternative site for international payments:
Powwow GroundsMNNative-Americancafé providing food + suppliesPayPalwebsite Pow Wow Grounds is part of NACDI (Native American
Community Development Institute donations also via NACDI webpage)
Joyce PreschoolMNoffice team manly white, teachers Latinxcovid relieve fund food, groceries, support paying benefits for Joyce familiesCredit Card, Debit Card, PayPalHistory & Vision of Joyce School:
AAAN (Arab American Action Network)ILPalestiniancommunity organizing, youth educationPayPal
Uprising TheaterILPalestinian and supported by Jewish Allyarts/artists/PPEPayPalany donations made with the note #Blackartmatters - every dollar will go directly into the pockets of a Black social justice artist
West Broadway Business and Area Coalition
MNpart of Northside business support
The Bail ProjectMIPoc & whiteBail outsPayPal, Credit Card
Buffalo Bail FundNYprivate person, unclearbail outsCredit Cardnot reaching goal so all money will be returned
Vegas Freedom FundNVProgressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (multiracial)Credit Card, PayPal
Spiral CollectiveMNQTPoCreproductive justice &
support in abortion
Brave Space AllianceILQueer and Trans POCCredit Card
Homeless Black Trans Women FundGATrans LatinxGeneral fundingGoFundMe, Credit Card Funding for homeless shelters for Black trans women
No One Left Behind FundALunknownNo
The Montgomery Bail OutALunknownCredit Card, PayPalPart of National Bail Out network
Black People’s Justice FundAZunknown
APTP SacramentoCAunknown
Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee Bail FundCAunknownbail outsNoinstagram: @antirepression_bayarea
Los Angeles - Peoples City Council Freedom FundCAunknownbail outs + suppliesGoFundMedidn't find website info
Freedom Fighters DC FundDCunknownbailouts, on the ground in DMVNo
Miami - (F)empowerFLunknownBailPayPalLGBTQIA+, Artist collective to empower femmes
Atlanta Solidarity FundGAunknownCredit Card
Eastern Community Bond ProjectIAunknownCommunity OrganizationCredit CardDes Moines focused. Donations through website, accepts credit cards. Utilizes software of Network for Good, and New York registered corporation and nonprofit. Must opt out of FB post to be anonymous.
Care KitchenILunknownsupplementing the suspended free breakfast and lunch program - Chi shut down the public school free breakfast and lunch program during the demonstrationsGoFundMe, Credit Card
Chi On the GroundILunknownPayPal
Chicago Community Bond FundILunknownbondsCredit Card, PayPalIf you give your money to only one Chicago group - give it to them
Chicago Freedom SchoolILunknownPayPal
My Block My Hood My CityILunknownNeighborhood Relief, Volunteer OrganizersCredit Card
NAARPR (National Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression)ILunknownOrganized the mass demonstration in Chicago on Saturday May 30thCredit Card, GPay
Louisville Community Bail FundKYunknownbail outsCredit CardNot sure how it's funded, but the Action Network seems to be well-funded and connected
Southside Harm ReductionMNunknownsupport & clean supply for people using substancesPayPal
Unicorn RiotMNunknowndecentralized, non-profit
left-wing journalism
Kansas City Community Bail FundMOunknownbail outPayPalPart of National Bail Fund Network
Fargo & Moorhead Mutual AidNDunknownmutual aidPayPal
Nebraska Left Coalition - Neighbors for Common GoodNEunknownCOVID financing for communityPayPalCommunity-based leftist organisation
Dallas - DAARPR*TXunknownagainst police brutality & oppressionCredit Card, Debit Card, GoFundMe*Dallas Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression
DC Resistance FundVAunknownFinancing for political actionCredit Card, GoFundMe
Richmond Community Bail FundVAunknownbail outsCredit Card, Debit Card, Cryptocurrency
Roanoke Community Bail FundVAunknownbail outsCredit Card, Debit Cardgoal reached, still accepting donations
Northwest Community Bail FundWAunknownbail outs, general decarceration, legal supportCredit Card
Milwaukee Freedom FundWIunknown
Huntsville Bail FundALwhitebail outsPayPalapparently connected to The Cochran Law Firm in Huntsville, Alabama
Lawrence Bail FundKAwhitebail outsPayPalPrioritizing bail-outs for Blacks folks, thereafter sending money to Kansas City
The Massachusetts Bail FundMAwhitebail outsCredit Card, Debit CardSole employee Michael Cox is an advocate for LGBTQ and HIV positive people. He was also formerly incarcerated
Minnesota Freedom FundMNwhitebail outsPayPalAs of 5/29 has enough support
The Liberty FundNYwhitebail outsCredit Cardcity-run and funded by private donor
Social Venture Partners Dallas
TXwhitegeneral financing and supportNoNon-specific organisation for financing and networking
PDX Protest Bail FundORwhite (Public faces)Bail out, legal fund & supportCredit Card, GoFundMeThey are nearly at their funding target any overflow will be directed to Black led organisations. They are prioritising BIPoc protesters for legal help and bail as well as those without stable housing.
Northstar Health CollectiveMNHas enough support

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