We Protect Each Other – More Safety at Protests During a Pandemic

1. Find a crew or group of friends with whom you want to participate in the demo. Keep in touch during the demo and take care of each other.

2. Put together a pandemic kit. Think about what you need to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and protect yourself and others. Carry extra masks, disinfectant, disposable gloves, water and a first aid kit.

3. Analyse the risks before you leave. And make sure everyone in your crew does the same! It’s your decision what risks you take in terms of COVID, and in terms of the demo. What is your crew ready for and what not? When do you leave and where can you meet outside the protest zone in an emergency?

4. Avoid technology. Turn off your tracking services/GPS or leave your phone at home.

5. Remember one to two phone numbers of people you trust. If you get separated from your group and don’t have a phone with you, or in case you get arrested. Find someone from EA Berlin if you notice that someone has been arrested or ask someone you trust to contact them for you if you get arrested.

6. Rely on your gut feeling. If something feels bad, it probably is! Find a safe place and exchange information with your crew immediately.

7. Do you have a friend with reliable knowledge of human nature? Make her the vibes watcher! Organize yourself with people you know and trust. Never give important tasks to people you don’t know. Keep an eye out for people who provoke, deliberately disturb, distract, or otherwise cause trouble and let the organizers know.   

8. Try to keep a safe distance of two meters as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to move away from crowds or ask others to give you enough space

9. Make plans with someone who doesn’t go to the protest. If you get arrested and can’t call them, they can contact EA Berlin immediately on your behalf. 

10. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Especially if your residence status is uncertain or you are not a citizen. Read “What to do if it burns” for more information on dealing with repression.

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