Press Statement

Black Lives Matter Protest | June 24th at 4.30pm

Racist discrimination is an ongoing, painful part of daily life for Black people in Germany. It persists, in racial profiling, the naming of streets, immigration law, education, media, the debate on and engagement with refugees, as well as access to jobs and housing. Racism – the violation of our human dignity and rights – will not be tolerated.

On Saturday the 24th of June at 4.30pm, a Black Lives Matter protest will take place, as it did last year. The march will be the highlight of a whole month of events. A vital aspect of BLM Month is networking between already existing initiatives: how we connect existing spaces, resources and contacts to organize joint resistance. The rally and other events mark the beginning of a longterm collaboration and the development of collective structures. The month-long program is composed of various workshops, film screenings, panels, poetry-events, city tours, concerts and parties.

The protest will start at U-Bahnhof M*straße. Its racist name is connected to the Brandenburg-Prussian slave trade and is symbolic of the insufficient will in Germany to deal with racism. The speakers invited to the protest will not only examine the various mechanisms of racism in the past, but highlight the current complex disparities entrenched by racism. It is important to us to acknowledge that various forms of discrimination, like sexism and racism, are intertwined and produce specific compounded oppressions.

The march will proceed from M*straße via Charlottenstraße, Rudi-Dutschke-Straße, Oranienstraße and Kottbusser Tor down Skalitzer- and Wienerstraße to Spreewaldplatz. From 8 pm on there will be live music, as well as more speeches.

The Black Lives Matter movement, which was established in 2012 in the US after the murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin is internationally significant: Although there are various specific problems in different countries, “Black Lives Matter” is an assertion that makes racist social structures visible worldwide.

The Black Lives Matter Month in Berlin, its events, and the rally stand for a lasting change in our society and against the obfuscation of racism.