BLMB Community Consent

Justice and equal rights
In order to stand up for the freedom and justice of Black people in Germany we organize together, lovingly and sustainably. Our work deliberately aims to form and promote a black community in the fight against racism and deprivilegation. That includes knowing “our” history.

Black German history
Black people have been part of the German society for centuries and therefore we are also part of the country’s history. Yet, we are structurally hidden or described as alien with regard to the local culture of remembrance and history. Our work seeks to give black people access to “their” history in order to foster a sense of past and present. We believe that reviewing Black German history is helpful to better understand one’s own position within this society. At the same time this knowledge offers new ways and possibilities for future actions and political participation.

Black Lives Matter is a transnational movement not a brand. We have no interest in being misused as a token or sold for profit. We believe that capitalism will never liberate Black people and we seek to find alternatives to that system of oppression. Most Black people and People of Color in Germany are working class and have to do the dirty jobs. Further, the global north is profiting from exploitation of labor and resources of the global south. This is why the struggle of the workers is also our struggle.

We see ourselves as part of a global black diaspora and celebrate blackness as a commonality of diversity or “Blackness as a Unity of Diversity”. We are united through the fight against racism, structural deprivation and marginalization. At the same time, we are well aware of the country- specific challenges and privileges of Black communities, which have been conditioned by historical as well as contemporary political developments.

Unapologatically Black
We are unapologetically Black. As it is not negotiable that our lives are of value, we don’t need any justification to stand up for ourselves. Self-determination, self-love and justice are necessary conditions for us to demand the same for all others.

Diversity and difference
We celebrate human differences and commonalities as equals and seek to recognize, respect, strengthen them.

Safer spaces
We strive to create spaces that are free of sexual violence, sexism and male dominance.

We strive to include all black lives in our political practice as well as make them visible.
Our goal is to promote a network that recognizes and applies the everyday experiences and individual empowerment strategies of every black people in order to put an end to all forms of oppression. That is in terms of age, actual or perceived gender identity, sexual orientation, economic or social status, immigration or social status residence Status, religious Belief or disbelief – Recognizes and applies to put an end to all forms of oppression

We strive to promote a network sees queer and transgender identities as normative. In our work, we endeavor to deconstruct heteronormative, cis-dominant structures and practices in favor of a non-binary practice.

We seek to take responsibility for each other by embodying and practicing empathy, acceptance, justice and peace in our commitments.

Black families
We are committed to make our activities family-friendly in order to provide parents and children an opportunity to get involved. In doing so, we seek to break away from westernized, patriarchal ideas of family structures by viewing each other as an extended family. Specifically, this means mutual support and mutual interest.

Each one teach one/ Cross- generation
We want to promote a cross-generational and community-based network that is free from age-discrimination. We are convinced that all people, regardless of their age, have learning and teaching skills. In addition, we see cross-generational collaborations as a valuable source that combines different experiences with new visions and enriches our community-based work ideologically and conceptually.

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