Black Lives Matter Berlin Protest 2021

SAVE THE DATE – July 2, 2021, 3:30 p.m. – Pariser Platz (Brandenburg Gate)
For many, Black Lives Matter remains a one-time sensation from 2020. But we all know, Black people have been fighting for their recognition, dignity and their rights for decades, in Germany and all over the world. Every year since 2016, Black Lives Matter Berlin, under the motto “All Black Lives Matter,” lets diverse Black voices have their say, make them heard, and connect them with each other. The focus of our organizing remains the intersectional recognition of Black diversity, as well as the resulting political demands. This year is no different! BLACK LIVES STILL MATTER! We stay loud and take to the streets for our rights!

The protest will start at 3:30pm at Pariser Platz near the Brandenburg Gate and will end at 10pm at Spreewaldplatz at the latest. With stops at Pariser Platz (Brandenburg Gate), Zietenplatz (M*Straße), Oranienplatz and Spreewaldplatz in Kreuzberg, we want to mark the protest march with a total of four rally locations.

3:30 pm: Pariser Platz (Brandenburg Gate)
approx. 5 pm: Zietenplatz (M*Straße)
approx. 7 pm: Oranienplatz
approx. 8:30 pm: Spreewaldplatz

There will be different speeches and performances at each location along the march. So even if you can’t be there from start to finish, join us as soon as possible!

There will be speeches on topics including “Black History in Germany,” “Climate Justice,” “Blackness in Healthcare,” “Black Sex Workers’ Rights,” “Black Trans Lives,” “Black Refugees,” and “Black Art.”
We will also be joined by a variety of artists and DJ*anes!

— More info, topics and artists will follow soon!!! —

Download and share the posters for the Black Lives Matter Berlin Protest!

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